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SHEAU FENG CHIA asked 1 year ago

About the Go Finance calculator, if my loan interest got different interest % in different years,eg 1st year BLR-1.8%, BLR-1% in 2 to 5 years etc etc,  how to use it in Go Finance calculator ?
Besides, this Go Finance got apps in Google play store ?
Pls advise

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OngKL Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Sheau Feng,
You can key in these inputs in the Go-Finance Analysis spreadsheet which can be downloaded from the page of Module 07. You can input different interest rate for each of the first 5 years.
Unfortunately our current web-based version of Go-Finance can only accept one interest rate through out the entire loan tenure and we have yet to create an app for it in Google play store. We will explore the possibility to create one if there is high demand for it.
Thank you.