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Kai Yen Goh asked 5 years ago

Hi KC or Dr Ong,
We have a property in Rawang which we bought directly from developer. We don’t plan to live there and we are wondering if we should rent it out or sell it at a lost as the rental is not good there. Can you advise what should we do? Thanks. 

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OngKL Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Kai Yen,
You should use the GoFinance method discussed in modules 7 and 8 to evaluate if the property is worth investing based on the expected rental rate.
The property would be worth investing if it potentially generates cash flow after taking your financial situation into consideration.
If it is not generating cash flow even if you manage to rent it at current market rate, you should consider selling it as soon as possible, unless you have enough holding power and you believe it has good potential of appreciation.
Make good use of all the resources in PropertyMethod, especially those modules and webinars that share useful analytical techniques of property evaluation, to have a better idea about the potential of you property.