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Kugen asked 4 years ago

I would like to understand more about Houz Key (or Rent to Own) and whether its a viable alternative to investing or owning a property?

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KCLau Staff answered 4 years ago
  • Full 100% Financing – Get full financing with no downpayment required
  • No Payment During Construction – We help to finance the cost during construction.
  • LOWEST Monthly Payment – Enjoy the lowest monthly payments with the best rates.

It is a good deal for financing.
As for investment, it depends on the property:

  • If you are getting for own stay and it fits your criteria, that’s perfect.
  • if for investment, you will have to find out the tenants market as all the projects are new construction. It is very hard to know for sure how the rental market will be
  • Risk will always be higher than buying a subsale because you will be using the highest leverage to buy a property that is not completed yet.