Renting out property in a tenant market or property glut market

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KarMun Ng asked 6 years ago

Hi! Dr Ong,
I have gone through the property method course and have been practising the GoFinance to evaluate our property cash on cash yield and rental. I have to say that the course is very informative and well presented.
However, I found that there is something lacking in the course, one that I have been searching for answer in the course for some time, and that was it does not teach us how one should rent out a property in a tenant market. As was reported frequently by local medias the rental markets currently have not being favorable to the landlords due to a property glut or oversupply in properties in area like Iskandar. Tenants were taken advantage of the situation to source for cheaper and newer property to rent, the bargaining chips with the tenants no less.
We’ve have been getting many calls and visits from property agents as well of potential tenants viewing our property but many have been asking for rents that are well below our margin or expectations, in other words based on their asking price, we used the Gofinance chart to evaluate and the result all shows the trend line shooting down!  Not very good for us!
I hope you can provide us some advise or ideas/guidelines of how and what must we do to rent out our property in a tenant market, and if possible I hope you can include this scenario as one of your module in Property Method course. 
Thank you.