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"One of the best investment I’ve ever done was buying an apartment that is fully financed. It gives positive cash flow every month. I don’t even need to manage the tenant. I didn’t even meet the lawyer who handled the Sales & Purchase Agreement. I didn’t even meet the seller!"

KCLau author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians.

12 Modules Video Training & 12-month web-Hosted Personalized Go-Finance™ Analysis Software

  • Property Method is a lifetime membership site with 12 Modules of comprehensive video training teaching you A-Z of property investment.
  • It comes with Go-Finance™ method which allows you to analyse a property and know instantly whether it is worth financing or not!
  • Lists of in-depth training, covering all topics about property investment in Malaysia

You TOO, can buy a positive cash flow property!

DATE: 21st of November 2019

From: KCLau, author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians.

I’ve never realised that buying a positive cash flow property is so simple and straightforward until I met Dr OngKL – a full-time property investor and also a consultant. All I did was buying an air ticket to Johor Bahru from Penang. I arrived there in the morning, took a look at the property, signed the booking form, and issued a 1% earnest deposit cheque. In the evening, I was back in Penang to join my family for dinner.

Yes. It is that easy and simple. And you can do it too!

You’ll get a lifetime solution.

  • What full-time investors know about property investments that newbies don’t!
  • This course reveals the secret method we’ve used to acquire all the positive cash-flow properties.
  • After going through this course, you could be 100% sure and confident when making a property purchase!

I must warn property investment newbies that you might be overwhelmed like a kid in a candy store when logging in. There is so much content worthy of the price of admission.

For advanced and hardcore property investors the training modules are still able to test your current knowledge or share new ideas. Plus the juicy tidbits sprinkled here and there in the comments section of each module. Module 7 alone itself, in my opinion, is worth twice the value of the total package.

Sunthara Segar,
Sunthara Segar, Author and Financial Speaker,RFP, Islamic FP Cert, BEng (Hons) UKM
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KCLau's media appearance.

So now let’s move on to the meat of the course modules that will guide you step-by-step on your property investment journey.

  • 1

    Module 01: Why you should Invest in Real Estate?

    - Why should you not place all your investment fund in “fixed” assets?
    - Only 5% of the population can retire comfortably. Investing in property can squeeze you into the top 5%!
    - How inflation “eats” away your retirement savings.
    - Why are savers always the losers?
    - The 5 unique benefits that make a property a great investment.
    - How property investment triumph over your usual saving scheme many folds

Breakdown of Training Modules:

Module 01

  • 2

    Module 02: How to Set your Investment Objectives

    - You can see your investment capital double, triple and even 10x no matter how little you have now
    - The simple six-step method to analyse your present financial situation and work out your plan to achieve your financial goals.
    - Calculate your annual income needed after retirement
    - How your property portfolio can meet all your financial obligation, and more…

Module 02

  • 3

    Module 03: Where to Find Sources of Start-up Capital

    - The 5 different places to source for investment capital
    - An easy-to-apply refinancing formula to let you know exactly whether you should refinance your property to tap the “excess fund”
    - Excel spreadsheet complete with formula and calculation to assist you on the refinancing formula computation.
    - 4 methods to buy property with relatively less down payment when you are still short of investment capital

Module 03

  • 4

    Module 04: How to Choose the Right Real Estate Investment?

    - The 6 common types of real estate: the pros and cons of each
    - How to invest in apartments, office building, shopping centres, warehouse or industrial buildings, hotels and vacant lands?
    - Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of properties so that you will know where you should start
    - How to tell if a property is WORTH investing? so that you only buy the one that is worth investing your money
    - The 4 unique advantages of investing in apartments that you will never go wrong starting your investment journey with this type of property

Module 04

  • 5

    Module 05: How to Choose the Right Form of Real Estate Ownership?

    - The FOUR different forms of property ownership that you can choose from depending on your financial circumstances so that you will know what type to start and what form to end with.
    - How partnership is an alternative to own a more substantial property when you don’t have much investment capital, to begin with.
    - How corporate ownership can be a perfect solution for foreign investor or you have a foreigner as partner, so that you can own more properties than you can imagine.
    - Why would you join a grouped and shared ownership when you can go on solo and enjoy all the fun of calling your shots?

Module 05

  • 6

    Module 06: How to Locate your Investment Property?

    - How to engage the most trustworthy property agent to work with so that someone is doing the house hunting for you while you got to sit at home and wait for the good news.
    - The 13 most important interview questions to help you screen the property brokers so that you would know who is capable of fulfilling your investment needs.
    - The FOUR forbidden characteristics of agents you want to be aware of
    - How to efficiently hunt your own investment property without relying too much on agent’s aid?
    - How to locate under-valued properties
    - Top 7 details to check before you buy a property so that you are sure that the property will create the passive income you want.

Module 06

  • 7

    Module 07: How to Evaluate an Investment Property?

    - How to estimate a value of a property so that you will never over-pay the existing owner.
    - How to use the capitalisation rate and the Net Operating Income multiplier to establish the value of a property
    - How to conduct a financial analysis of the property you intend to invest in – this is a step-by-step guide that tells you the result in numbers, exactly how good or bad investment may be.
    - You will get a Real Estate Investment Evaluation Excel Spreadsheet that is designed and trademarked specifically for the members of this course only.
    - Learn the Go-Finance™ method that not only tells you if the property is worth investing, and also whether the property is worth financing or not.

Module 07

  • 8

    Module 08: How Financing can Alter your Investment

    - How mortgage works and why only by financing your property, you can have the best leverage to make your money work harder
    - An in-depth explanation of our trademarked Go-Finance™ method that allows you to decide how much to finance your property purchase
    - What type of loan package that enables you to buy with little money, paying minimum instalment while maximising your investment return.
    - How to manage your investment risk when inflation and interest rate is increased. This part ensures that you will never have to worry about keeping your mortgage instalment commitment.

Module 08

  • 9

    Module 09: How to Negotiate the Purchase?

    - Preparation needed before you start negotiating the purchase so that you can buy the property at the right price
    - How to make a proper offer to buy, which the seller will take you seriously and gives in to your terms.
    - What to do with the counter offer so that you won’t be afraid of losing the deals
    - Contract clauses that protect you as a buyer
    - Complete checklist before closing a deal
    - 8 things to do after sealing an agreement to purchase the investment property
    - You will get a Standard Option to Purchase template that we designed to protect you as a buyer
    - A sample of Sales and Purchase Agreement

Module 09

  • 10

    Module 10: How to Manage your Investment Property?

    - We will help you to decide which type of management you need
    - How to set up a simple and efficient bookkeeping system
    - You get a sample of record keeping spreadsheet which you can use it straight away
    - 6 critical measures before renting out your property
    - Effective procedure on how to qualify on the best tenants who will take care of your property like their own
    - Tricks you can apply if your property is facing continual vacancies
    - A sample of Tenancy Agreement that protects you as a landlord, and at the same time, preserve your properties too.

Module 10

  • 11

    Module 11: How to Sell your Investment Property?

    - 4 essential factors to lead to your decision to sell your properties, although it is still making money passively.
    - The unique method you can use to justify selling a money-making property, which based on Equity Return Analysis that get you to move on to the next property purchase.
    - How to establish your selling price that you can secure a quick sale, reasonably at a fair market price.
    - Tips on putting up “For Sale by Owner” advertisement that will get you more potential buyers to choose from.
    - What do to if you are a seller in a buyer’s market? You can evaluate and strike a balance of whether to delay a sale.

Module 11

  • 12

    Module 12: How to Grow your Wealth with different Strategies of Real Estate Investment?

    - How to use refinancing strategy to buy more properties and still keep risk low, but profit high.
    - How to increase the return on your existing properties.
    - How to turn a bad investment into a good one.
    - How to get over 20% annual return on your money.
    - How to turn a property to become one that is worth financing.
    - 5 must-know guidelines for FLIPPING property.
    - How to “PYRAMID” your investment 2x, 4x, or even 8x more than your initial capital.

Module 12

Exclusive Content: Questions and Answers

We have got many questions from previous members, answered and put inside the members’ area for you to learn from each other, and interact at the same time! Here is the list of additional content added:

  • For retirees who could not get financing from the banks easily, how should they go about in property investments?
  • Is a 5% developer-guaranteed return of retail shop lot under leaseback scheme worth investing?
  • Should you settle the existing loan to qualify for another 90% loan on 3rd property?
  • Is it so hard to get financing when you just started working?
  • What’s the best loan tenure period?
  • Do you need to upkeep a low-cost apartment for greater rental yield?
  • How can you monitor electricity bill payment by your tenants and not face a surprisingly massive amount of unpaid bill later?

Property Method enlightens me in property investment, clearing doubts that has been bugging me as a newbie investor. I like those calculation part such as how to calculate my rental income. Now I know how to decide either in buying or selling or even renting out.

Stanley Chin
Stanley Chin Manager from Johor Bahru

As a Property Method Member, You Get All These Features and Benefits

  • PDF Downloadable Content

    All our training modules provide PDF download. The slides, notes and explanation are made available in PDF format which you can download to your computer. You can print it out for easy reading and reference.

  • Bonus Webinar Training by Expert

    We do webinar updates from time to time. We provide updates on the market situation and also on specific topics related to property investment. Whenever we do that, you will get to attend for free, and even get the recording too.

  • Store Your Property Analysis

    Go-Finance™ web-hosted software can store all your property analysis. You can retrieve your previous analysis and calculation with just a simple click, or finger touch. You would want to open the application on your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad … You get 12-month access to this tool.

  • Helpful Support Team & Whatsapp Group

    If you need any support regarding your membership, it is just a simple email, and we will respond to your request.
    We also manage a Whatsapp Group Chat for members. As a paid member, you can join the discussion with other property investors and learn from each other.

  • Guidance at Every Step

    All the content is given out to you upfront on the first day you join as a member. You won’t have to wait to get all the training material. Anyway, you have lifetime access to the contents. Take your time to learn and digest all the info. As long as we are in business, you will be able to access the materials anywhere, anytime.

  • Get Started Within Minutes

    After making payment, you’ll be redirected to create your membership account. Instantly, you’ll get access to the first lesson. After you’ve completed the first module checklist, you’ll get the second module and so on. Unlike physical seminar, Property Method allows you to learn anywhere, anytime, hassle-FREE!

It was worth the expense and the time, especially the checklist for investing in the property market. The notes plus the video are very innovative and makes it more interesting. I really like Property Method course. - Leonard Wong, Senior Manager from Selangor

12-Months Go-Finance™ Web-hosted Mobile Application

Your Property Method membership comes with a full year (365 days) access to use the web-hosted GoFinance software for property analysis on the spot, worth RM1000.

Download our Cloud-Hosted Videos & Training PDFs Instantly

Unlike some physical workshop or seminar where you are not allowed to record any video or audio, Property Method is an online membership site. You can access all the material without limit. We even provide you with the direct link to download the video training! It means you will be able to revise, refer and download the material anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it. Learning has never been so convenient.

Bonus Platinum Level Online Training

You get access to Platinum Members training where we provide more in-depth training for members. Look for the list of content below which has already been created over the years, worth RM2000.

Instantly available Platinum Training:

(over 46 hours of recorded training)

  • Discussion on 70% Loan-to-Value Issues
  • How to Negotiate with Banks for Higher Loan Amount
  • How to Choose and Manage Your Tenants
  • How to Purchase Foreclosed Properties from Auction
  • How to Check Actual Property Transactions Details
  • The Seven Habits of An Effective Real Estate Investor
  • How to Effectively Lower the Risk of Investing in Properties
  • Secrets to Successful Home Loan Application
  • Ten Essential Must-Know Strategies in Property Investment & Mortgage Leveraging
  • Analytic Guideline for Property Investment
  • Create Good Cash Flow Properties (by TY Koon)
  • How to Find Good Properties
  • How to Add Value and Appeal to Your Rental Properties
  • What Must You Check Before Buying a Property
  • Interior Designer's Secret to Creating Wealth with Properties (by Adrian Wee)
  • How to Find Your Best Real Estate Agents
  • Information, Knowledge and Wisdom in Property Investment
  • Ten Legal Commandments for Homebuyers
  • 18 Years Property Cycle
  • Malaysia Property Cycle: Where are We NOW?
  • How to Manage Your Financial Risk in Property Investment
  • How to Get More Financing for Property Purchase (by Zar)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing Mortgage (by Gary Chua)

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I have subscribed to many of KCLau's online courses. KCLau helped me further understand investment and financial issues, that I am able to help my children too. Kuldip Singh, Supply Chain Manager from Melaka
This is very useful. Now I know why they are able to offer this kind of “guaranteed rental return” deal. Thank for the tips. Lee Chao Yang, Lifetime member of Property Method
Thanks for the sharing inside Property Method. Both KCLau and Dr.OngKL have truly inspired me on property investment. I just bought a new apartment as my first investment. Jessica, Lifetime member of Property Method
Informative, encouraging and interactive! Ricky Chan, Freelancer from Cheras
Property Method teaches me a lot! I'm totally satisfied. David CCT, Pharmacist from Penang
I love the informative Q&A session! William C, Lifetime member of Property Method
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Module 5How to Choose the Right Form of Real Estate OwnershipRM150
Module 6How to Locate your Investment PropertyRM150
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Real Estate Investment Evaluation Spreadsheet RM500
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Module 9How to Negotiate the PurchaseRM150
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